Durability Testing

Chloride transport test set up

The experimental set – up for the rapid chloride permeability (RCP) and non-steady state migration (NSSM) test is a German Instruments PROOVE’it Rapid Chloride Permeability Test System. The 8 channels PROOVE ́it system, capable of testing from 5 to 60 Volts, can perform:

  1. The “Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT)” or “Coulomb test” in accordance with ASTM C1202 or AASHTO T 277 by determining the total electrical charge passed through a saturated concrete specimen when an electrical potential across the specimen is applied.
  2. The“Chloride Migration Coefficient,” by measuring the penetration depth of chloride ions, after an electric potential is applied to the specimen in accordance with Nordtest Build 492 or EN 12390-18.
  3. The Bulk Conductivity or Resistivity can be determined in accordance with ASTM C1760 if the current passing through a saturated concrete specimen is measured during 1 minute.

Length change measuring device

The equipment is used to measure the length change of mortar specimens in accordance with ASTM C157. The size of the beam specimen should be 1” x 1” x 12”.